Devin Holt debuts with Caleb Gray

New boy Devin flip-fucks with Caleb in ‘Overloaded’ from Helix Studios.

New dude Devin Holt isn’t shy, dropping to his knees to work Caleb Gray’s cock with hand and throat. Devin asks for an ass eating, and Caleb grazes on the gorgeous gash. Once he’s opened the newbie up, Caleb offers a ride on his goods and Devin pounces his posterior up and down before getting a craving for Caleb’s caboose. Devin swerves off the D and into that sweet ass, hammering his hole. Trading top duties once more, Devin takes another dicking on his back.

Helix model page: Caleb Gray

Helix model page: Devin Holt

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